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Artist Registry



Roy Austin

Wendy Bailey Woodblock Prints
Ann Berger Sculpture
Chris Crane Drawing, Collage
Star DeHaven Stained Glass
Dwight Eberly Oil Painting
Shirley Eberly Ceramics, Clay Sculpture
Tom Eckles Photography
Kathy Edelbrock Painting
Lloyd Engelbrecht Photography
Beva Farmer Gouache Painting
Dorise Ford Drawing, Sculpture
Jackie Gardener Handmade Books and Paper Collage
Sylvia Colette Gehres Painting
Duane Gordon Watercolor With Pen and Ink
Tony Green Ceramics
Robert Innes Copper Lamps
Marji Ingersoll Tiles
Bruce Jones Watercolor Painting
Ursula Jones Ceramics, Painting, Sculpture
Nick Makris Photography
Willa Marten Drawing, Handcrafts
Larain Matheson Photography, Painting, Drawing
Ralph Matheson Computer Art
Grace McMaster Watercolor Painting
Arna Means Printmaking
PT Nunn Painting and Drawing
Miriam Owen Handcrafts: Kelp People
Yvonne Pankowski Jewelry
Bill Elliott Perry Photography
Douglas Purdy Bronze Sculpture
Jane Reichhold Ceramics
Dee Reid Intaglio Prints, Painting, Drawing
Casey Swingle Painting
Walt Rush Jewelry
Barry Semegran Woodworker
Cynthia Snowden Author
Mona Thompson Innes Fiber Arts
Pam Zimmerman Handcrafts Coiled Baskets

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