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Tom Eckles

Woodturning in manzanita and ebony
Fall Storm
"Photography was as present in my early life as were crayons. My father had built a darkroom and time in the aromatic dark space fumbling with film and reels, paper and chemicals had allure from age nine. There is magic when a blank paper transforms into an image.

"Photography has been with me ever since. Degrees of intensity have varied; a few classes at art center in Pasadena, where I learned staged photography, setting up lights 'just so' and objects placed 'just so', was not for me... To periods of being in awe of nature's design and patterns humbles me as I try desperately to capture even a glimpse of the magnitude before me.

"A technical note: I strive to share the scene I saw, unaltered, with the viewer. Therefore, I do not use filters to alter colors, I do not manipulate the image in the darkroom, and I do not even crop the view from what I saw through my lens. What you see is what I saw.

Yellowstone River With Steam
"But lately, I have manipulated a very few images in my computer. These images will be labeled "twisted" so you will know I have played with reality. I hope you understand my exploration down this path; it may end, it may continue.

"Some photographers and some viewers believe photos can only be art if the image is black and white. I take color pictures for the same reason I have a color television and not a black and white one; but that is my path today... tomorrow?

I do hope one of my photos captures your attention, even briefly."

Lone Boat

Wonderment Twisted

Blended Nature

Lone Oak in Fog

For more of Tom Eckles' work, visit his web site at http://www.tom.eckles.com

Tom Eckles
Grass Valley: (530) 269-2027
eMail tom@eckles.com

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