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Dee Reid
Intaglio Prints, Paintings, Drawings

Requiem for a Bridge
Man has, from the beginning of time, made and left his marks upon sand, clay, on stone in caves, and, finally, on metal, canvas and paper. It is a compelling and compulsive pursuit and probably inherent creatively in all people to a greater or lesser extent. Marks and images say quite simply, "I was here and this is what I thought about or saw or felt."

I left my marks for 15 years in painting and in stone and metal sculpture. I then elected to work with Mauricio Lasansky at the University of Iowa School of Art and Architecture in the field of intaglio printmaking (etching and engraving). This is a technical and complex process requiring the study of metallurgy, acid chemicals, water and paper chemistry, and presses. My marks are first engraved or etched with nitric acid on to an 18 gauge engravers copper plate, heated, inked, and run through an etching press. Intaglio is the only print technique which incises the positive marks below the surface. All other techniques are planographic and print from the surface. Although I tend not to limit or define my work stylistically, I believe it begins in a conceptual manner, moves from a basis in reality, then to abstract expressionism, and finally ends in an abstracted simplification of the original concept. I work in a series format which sometimes has 100 different images per series.

Education. Developed my marks at:
  • University of Southern California, stone and metal sculpture
  • Toshi Yoshida Studio, Shibuya, Tokyo and Miasa Bunka Center, Japan, woodblock printing
  • Marycrest College, Bachelor of Arts, art history and painting
  • Western Illinois University, Master of Arts, arts management and art education
  • University of Iowa, School of Art and Architecture, Master of Arts, intaglio printmaking, drawing, and art history

No One Spoke for Earth
One Man and Juried Shows
  • Marycrest College
  • Muscatine Art Center
  • University of Iowa, School of Art and Architecture
  • University Club of Chicago
  • Yokota Air Base, Japan
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan


  • Museum of Fine Arts, Wichita, Kansas
  • University of Iowa School of Art and Architecture
  • Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Washington, D.C.
  • Paramus Bank, New Jersey
  • Dental Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Represented in private collections in the U.S., Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Israel, and Europe

Aquatic I

City Hall

Pocket Environment

Jersey Textures III

Dee Reid
P.O. Box 1378
Gualala, CA 95445
(707) 785-3475

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