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Miriam Owen

I feel such joy and excitement while creating these characters. They make me laugh out loud as their personalities emerge from the natural shapes.

--Miriam Owen


I am a beachcomber. I canıt resist picking up interesting sculpted driftwood, shells, smooth glass, or dried sea kelp heads. After winter storms, I am drawn like a magnet to explore the beach for new treasures. Making art from found materials became my focus after 25 years as a potter. My figurative driftwood sculptures were born of the inspiration to use what I find locally. I wanted my art to be a statement about living in greater harmony with my environment. I wanted my materials to be found and recycled.

Guardian of All God's Creatures

The Guardian of All Godıs Creatures is made with parrot feathers from a local parrot farm. The figure is dyed driftwood wrapped with leather scrap from a friend who makes leather clothing. I make figures I call Kelp People with heads of dried bull kelp and driftwood bodies. I make driftwood angels and mermaids and animal figures, all out of driftwood. Recent pieces are made with beach stones for undefined faces. They are my new direction.

My studio, located on the Gualala ridge five minutes from the Gualala Art Center, is open by appointment anytime. 707-884-3388

© Miriam Owen 2005

Miriam Owen
P.O. Box 601
Gualala, CA 95445
Phone (707) 884-3388
Fax (707) 884-9531

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