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Dwight Eberly
Oil Painting

My experience includes, art instructor, art director/illustrator and painter. Painting with hand and brushes, I work the oil paint on the canvas until I feel that special moment when the quiet excitement of creativity manifests itself in any form it wishes to take. The viewer experiences that quiet excitement and is drawn to a new level of personal awareness and feeling that is ever present and changing.
Earth Mother, oil on canvas
Earth Mother, oil on canvas (48" x 72")

My work, although essentially semi-abstract, can take on the appearance of the more traditional forms or at times become totally abstract. My paintings are discovered in the activity and process of painting.

Flow to the Sea, oil on canvas
Flow to the Sea, oil on canvas (48" x 72")

I have had international exposure and have shown widely in the western United States. My work is included in collections in Europe and the United States. I teach my techniques in workshops for schools, private organizations, and Elderhostels. These paintings represent current directions.

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Dwight Eberly
P.O. Box 312
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497
(707) 785-3327

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