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Introduction to an Artist -
Casey Swingle

Casey has known she was an artist since early childhood. A prolific sketcher at a young age, she was obsessed with drawing. Casey didn't just write book reports, she illustrated them. Her ability to sketch freehand with such detail and accuracy was a natural gift.

When she graduated from High School, both of her parents encouraged her to attend John Herron Art School in Indianapolis, IN. She attended this traditional art school during the early 1960's. While there, she used the teachings of classic and formal painting techniques to enhance her own personal style.

In 1969 she moved to San Francisco. Over the years she has taken numerous classes and work shops in the Bay Area to even further her skills in painting, drawing, design and color theory.

Starting with her years in a traditional art school, Casey has had a life long love of figure drawing. Often she includes a figure in her vibrant, colorful landscapes. Each piece of work has a story to tell, a narrative illustration from an experience in her life. Casey's artwork brings to life her unique perception of the visual world around us.

Artist Statement:

"When painting the landscape, I want to go beyond what I see and, instead, capture what I feel. I resist the expected natural colors of the landscape and, instead, use vibrant, rich, other worldly colors. I want the power of color to grab and embrace. Frequently, I incorporate the figure in the landscape, and, as with color, I want the figure to be a little disturbing, to have an edge, something that will stop the viewer and make them not want to walk away."

"We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are"
                                                                                        - Anis Nin

© 2007 Casey Swingle

Casey Moore-Swingle

RainShadow Studio
Point Arena California

email: caseyswingle@yahoo.com

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