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For many years, Artistic Expressions at http://art.mcn.org was the simplest and most affordable way for creative people in Mendocino/Sonoma counties to get their own web page. It was created by Nick Makris, Ivan de la Garza, Dale Woods and MCN to introduce our creative community to the public.

Usually, to have a web presence, you have to pay a monthly fee and somehow find technical help to create your page. Artistic Expressions is set up so you pay a one time setup fee. Your web page on the Artists' Registry will have a unique URL (http://art.mcn.org/your-name) that you can include on business cards, stationery, or brochures. Your URL will immediately open your personal page. This is almost like having your own web site, but without any recurring expense beyond the modest one-time setup fee.

Instead of paying a fee every month for a web page, artists pay a one time set-up fee of $50, send in materials (up to 5 images and up to 400 words of text) to create the web page and get a presence on the web. You don't need to be web savvy to get a web page. You don't even need a computer. Photo prints, slides can be scanned for you. Of course, if you can email text and/or digital images, please do.

Should you need to update your page, there is a $10 fee for each set of changes sent at one time. The change fee was set up to encourage people to organize their ideas, proof their text/images and send in their changes in one package.

It is best to save up your changes and send them in one large group of changes. You can update all of the text and all of the photos and, providing the changes are sent in all at one time, the charge remains only $10. Conversely, if you send in one photo and a week later decide you want to change the text, the total charge would be $20; each change would be $10.

Send your questions or comments to artreg@mcn.org

Thank you!

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