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Mona Thompson Innes
Fiber Arts

Mona Thompson was born in San Francisco and lived in the Bay Area most of her life. From an early time, Mona has been involved to one degree or another in art and interior design. In 1970, fiber arts became a primary focus. Due to a primary interest in Art and Architecture, Interior Design became a career that led to several major home renovations in Berkeley, California. Mona and her husband received the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Award in 1986.

Upon relocating to The Sea Ranch in 2000, Mona began to express enthusiasm for experimentation with all types of fiber. Textures and color are threads that connect Mona's pieces. The exquisite coastal environment has become a natural place for exploration and evolution.

The fiber accessories pictured are intended to be enjoyed as embellishments for hats, clothing, sweaters, and pillows...and most recently, wall relief. The unique creations pictured arose from a lifetime involvement with not only texture, color, and unusual materials, but a fascination with the whimsical. Many materials such as ribbon, trims, metals, leaves, and buttons are used to achieve the completed product. Sizes of pins vary from 1.5 inches to 5 inches. Prices vary from $35 to $100, depending on materials. Mona accommodates custom orders for special occasions.

Currently, her studies are focused on wall relief pieces. As Mona is inspired by a myriad of natural and synthetic materials, she forms an assemblage which is then applied to different metals

Mona Thompson
P.O. Box 49
The Sea Ranch CA 95497
(707) 785-0061

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