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P.T. Nunn
Visual Artist

Cliff in Elk
Cliff in Elk (12" x 9")

When I first saw the Northern California coast, it had the shape of home. I love the foggy, rainy winters as much as the summers. The stern wildness of the place pleases me.

Studying the form of an eddy of water or the irridescence of an abalone shell engrosses me as much as reading my favorite novel or listening to my favorite musician, Jon Hassell, on 'Surgeon of the Night Sky'.

Sea Foam
Sea Foam (24" x 12")

The patterns in the chaos of nature tell fascinating stories. Though the stories are not verbal, they are dramatic.

No matter how many times I try to describe any natural object; I always end up with a new facet I'd never noticed before. And there is the start of the next piece.

Green Buddha
Green Buddha (16" x 12")

My recent work has been in watercolor, though, lately, I am also drawn to the possibilities of a non-traditional use of egg tempera.

Please contact me if you would like to be added to my mailing list for future shows. I'd be happy to share my newest works with you.

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P.T. Nunn
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